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Many engineers would prefer to use pumps designed and constructed according to API 610 for toxic, flammable, or explosion-proof services at on-site locations in close proximity to furnaces and boilers in some of the conditions (rules-of-thumb) that are listed below:

  • Head exceeds 106 m
  • Temperature of pumpage exceeds 149°C
  • Driver horsepower exceeds 74 kW
  • Suction pressure in excess of 5 bar
  • Pump speed in excess of 3600 rpm

The API OH2 is a horizontal, centerline mounted, single stage, overhung pump with end suction and a single bearing housing. The single bearing housing helps absorb the forces imposed on the pump shaft and maintain the position of the rotor during pump operation.


  • Petroleum refining, production and distribution
  • Petrochemical and heavy-duty chemical processing
  • Gas industry services
  • Water and general industry in heavy-duty processing

API OH2 Pump Example: